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Additions & Remodels

Whether this is your first remodel or addition or you are a seasoned construction expert we take the time to understand your vision and walk with you every step of the way.  We produce the working drawings or work with the Architect of your choice, get your permits, establish budgets, specify materials, meet your schedule.  We keep it clean and make you love the road to getting there.  When you remodel or build in Boise or anywhere in the Treasure valley use Cook Brothers Construction.

Remodel Step 1 –  Initial consultation

For many, the most difficult step to remodeling is making that first phone call to discuss your project.  We will meet with you at the project site.  This is where we get to see your existing space, how it’s utilized, and organized.  This is also where we understand what your vision is and what you want to accomplish.  We will walk through each portion of your home piece by piece and brain storm ideas to develop a concept.  We will leave your project understanding your vision and goals.

Remodel Step 2  – Budget planning

In about a week we will come back with a budget proposal.  Your remodel budget proposal will outline your exact scope of work so that you understand exactly what you are getting and what is included in the remodel price.  We will have priced different options and scenarios.  This could be as simple as different flooring or countertop options, or it could be whether you add one floor or two.  We’ll work towards your price point.   Once done, the remodel budget will be revised and we will make an agreement.

Remodel Step 3 – Design

This is the beginning of the fun part.  Your project starts to come alive when it is conceptualized in a drawing.  You will receive an initial drawing.  You will be able to take your remodel drawing, mark it up, turn it upside down, look at it sideways.  We will make adjustments to it until it is your perfect plan.  Once your happy we move on.

  • Innovation – There are many ways to accomplish a single task.  We constantly look for ways to make things work better for you. This includes items that save you money as well as things that increase the efficiency and the quality of your space.

Remodel Step 4 – Permit

This is where many struggle.  With the Cook Brothers you won’t worry about a thing.  We will deal with city planning, work out the details, and get the transformation ready to happen.

Remodel Step 5 – Selection

During the permit process you will have the chance to visit the show room.  We can go with you or you can go by yourself.  You will be armed with a list of materials that you will pick out from flooring, cabinets, paint colors, lighting and so on.  This is a very important part because this is where budgets fail.  With the Cook Brothers your budget will stand strong because with each item you pick there is an associated dollar figure.  If you choose a less expensive product you get to keep the money you save.  If you decide that you want to upgrade the exact dollar value with no mark up is added to your total price.  It’s that simple.

Remodel Step 6 – Construction – Schedule

For most projects we will be able to complete it for you in under three months.

We provide a detailed schedule outlining milestone dates of deliveries, inspections, and completion of critical items so that you can understand the process and what it will take to get there.  More than that, we will update the schedule for you every few weeks.

  • Quality – One of our managers will be on site every day to make sure things are perfect, that lines are straight, things are level, floors are flat.  You can rest assured that it will be right when we are done.
  •  Cleanliness – It is so painful to show up to your home and see the floors not swept or trash scattered around.  Have you ever driven past a construction project and seen trash scattered across the site at the end of the day.  No one is on site but the trash still is.  With the Cook Brothers that won’t happen on your job.  We respect your home like it is ours.  We clean up every day.  We protect existing surfaces and areas that stay so they won’t be damaged.  The process could not be any easier when you work with us.
  • Attitude – We wear a smile.  It is really easy to speak to someone that has a positive attitude.  After speaking with a happy person your whole day is a little bit more upbeat.  We only have a certain kind of person that works for us.  We hire honest, clean, hardworking people that you want to be around and that you can trust in your home.
  • Communication – We will speak regularly and we are always available to speak to you about anything.  We always answer our phones or call you back within minutes.  If you have a question we have time to resolve it.

Remodel Step 7  – Project Completion – Training

At the end of the project you will be trained on how to use and care for all of your new materials and equipment.  This could be how to maintain your furnace or care for your wood or tile floors.

  • Owners Manual – You will receive manual that includes materials used,  warranty, care and maintenance, special instructions for your entire project.  It will also have any product manuals included from manufacturer, and a set of drawings with as constructed notes (gives you a record of how your home was built).
  • Attic Stock – We leave you with a few pieces of each item.  We will leave you with left over paint, a few extra tiles, a touch up stick for the cabinets, a few shingles that were used on the roof and so on.  This allows you to have a small amount of material to replace, repair or maintain work that could be damaged through normal wear and tear.

It is really that easy.  So give us a call.  Let us be part of your team.
You will be glad you did!!!!